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About Us

I PICK Health Care Tourism was founded by healthcare and tourism professionals to provide services to patients to provide medical needs especially from the United States, Europe and Middle East.(Chamber of Commerce Registration number : 813322)

Our mission is to provide clients with the best medical care while offering them a pleasant stay in Turkey.

We create health tourism packages in which we can make necessary medical appointments for patients, coordinate patient-doctor consultations and hospital visits. We even help negotiate rates. In conjunction we can arrange hotel accommodation, flight reservation, transfers, city tours and guide services for our patients. These arragements will be planned to your satisfaction.

Turkey has become a leader in Health care Treatment market as well as a popular tourist attraction.

I PICK positioned to become one of the leading health & tourist companies in Turkey. If you need a medical procedure and plan to visit Turkey under our many different plans, we can provide you the best doctors and hospital available and coordinate the treatment during your visit hospital.

Our health care experts will work step by step with you to provide a package of both treatment and a pleasant vacation experience.

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards
IPICK Health Care


Dr. Aisha Daley – Founder      
I PICK was founded by Dr. Aisha Daley . Dr. Daley graduated from Istanbul Cerrahpasa Medical University and highly respected and talented Health Care professional with more than 15 years of medical experience.  Extensive background in medicine and surgery.  Excellent motivation, presentation, and communication skills. She worked at California as a research assistant and medical consultant and TV Program host , she worked at Afghanistan as a OB/GYN in Korean Hospital. She can speaks fluent in English, Turkish, Farsi, Tajiki, Uzbeki, and Deri.

Nuray Ertek – General Manager
She is general manager at I PICK. She graduated from Anadolu University Business Administration Faculty and worked in different companies as a tourism professional with more than 18 years of tourism experience. She has excellent motivation, oriented solution and good communication skills. She was working one of the leader tourism and organisation company as a Project manager before her I PICK journey. She can speak an English.