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Cosmetic Surgery

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Global Survey estimates there are over 30,000 plastic surgeons performing 17 million plastic surgeries all over the world each year.Turkey is a popular destination for cosmetic vacations because of its English speaking doctors, cut-rate medical prices, lavish beaches, and more JCI-accredited health care facilities.

I PICK works with leading hospitals and plastic surgeons who have a name in plastic surgery. Please inform us 7 days prior to your arrival after you decide to get treatment in Turkey, we will organise your appointment day, doctor consultation and your operation.

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+ Face Lift

The facelift is an extremely popular tried and tested procedure which ‘winds the clock back’ by reversing the effects of gravity – refreshing the face, improving the contour of the neck, removing the heavy, tired look and revitalising the face. In both men and women the incision used in face lift surgery is the same; starting high in the temple area (hidden by the hair at this point) the incision travels down in front of the ear, round the earlobe and up behind the ear before curving gently back into the hair at the neck; occasionally it is necessary to add an incision under the chin.  Using these incisions the skin and deep tissues are remodelled and re-draped and the incisions are then closed.  The surgeon usually then applies a head bandage in order to pressurise (gently) the incisions during the post operative night.

Glance at Facelift

+ Neck Lift

A neck lift is a set of procedures to enhance the appearance of your neck. Procedures can include:Removing excess skin, Removing or altering neck muscles,Liposuction to remove excess fat, Botox injections to address problems with fullness or “bands”.

Glance about Necklift

+ Blepheroplasty

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is a popular cosmetic plastic surgery to remove excess skin, fat, or muscle from the upper and lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery improves baggy skin under the eyes, sinking upper eyelids, or drooping eye lashes that impair vision. The surgery may also be performed to treat a medical condition called ptosis (drooping eyelid), which is caused by poor muscle tone or nerve damage. Ptosis causes the eyelids to hang very low and block vision.

Glance at Eyelid

+ Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a nose-reshaping cosmetic plastic surgery that can correct deformities or make subtle aesthetic changes for cosmetic purposes.A rhinoplasty can change many things about your nose, including your nose size (in relation to your face), nose width at the bridge, the size and position of the nostrils, and nose profile (by downsizing visible humps, bumps or depressions on the bridge). A rhinoplasty can also reshape the nasal tip, improve the appearance of large, wide or upturned nostrils and correct nasal asymmetry. From a functional standpoint, a rhinoplasty can correct certain breathing difficulties such as those due to a deviated septum. Rhinoplasty is also an option for certain birth defects or noses that have been injured in car or sports accidents.

Glance at Rhinoplasty

+ Lip Augmentation

Cosmetically improves the fullness of lips, by one of three techniques: injections, grafting or local flaps. This procedure is sometimes combined with facial implants, Botox , chemical peels and facial laser resurfacing. Lip augmentation can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

An upper lip lift is a procedure where the excess skin is removed in a strategic manner to create a shorter lip as measured in the vertical dimension. An upper lip lift procedure is also known as an upper lip shortening procedure. Others refer to this as a subnasale lip lift, a subnasal upper lip lift and/or a bull horn upper lip lift. An upper lip lift procedure is targeted for those patients who feel as if their upper lip is excessively elongated – or simply too long.

Glance at Lip Augmentation

+ Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Cosmetic ear surgery (otoplasty) repositions and reshapes the ear to give it a more pleasing appearance. It is usually done to improve protruding or too large ears. Otoplasty is often performed on both ears for a consistent appearance. Most ears are not symmetrical (both identical). Your surgeon will make an incision behind the ear to weaken the cartilage. The cartilage is then folded in to the proper position and secured with stitches. Cartilage and skin may need to be removed; sometimes one ear needs more correction than the other. In rare cases, the surgeon will make an incision in front of the ear. Usually scars from surgery are not visible. Patients may be required to wear a headband over their ears for two to four weeks after surgery. Otoplasty is usually performed on an outpatient basis for both adults and children. For children, otoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. Adults may choose between local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia.

Glance at Ear Surgery

+ Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

A forehead lift is often performed to treat conditions associated with aging. It may be done in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures to achieve a more harmonious facial appearance. A forehead lift is also appropriate for treatment of certain inherited traits. Younger adults who have a low brow or who already have deep frown lines due to stress or over activity of muscles may benefit from the Forehead Lift procedure.

Glance at Forehead Lift

+ Facial Implants

Plastic surgeons use facial implants to improve and enhance facial contours. Frequently, these implants will help provide a more harmonious balance to your face and features so that you feel better about the way you look.There are many implants available, manufactured from a variety of materials. They may help strengthen a jaw line, or bring the chin or cheekbones into balance with the rest of the face.

+ Fat Grafting

Fat grafting, or fat transfer, also referred to as fat injections, describes the procedure of transferring fat from the body (hips and/or thighs and other from other locations) to the areas that have lost fat through aging, e.g., most commonly the face and hands. The old method of looking at facial aging was based on a gravitational model: that all things fall over time. However, this is simply not the case. The new model of the facial aging process focuses on the primary importance of how the face deflates and loses volume decade after decade.

+ Abdominoplasty

An elective, cosmetic surgery, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) can remove loose, excess skin and fat, and tighten slack fascia. A tummy tuck also can remove stretch marks and excess skin in the lower abdomen below the belly button. Liposuction may be used to improve the contour of flanks or hips. A tummy tuck may narrow the waist, but not the hips. To achieve a balance between the two, the surgeon may recommend liposuction of the hips and thighs at the same time.

Glance at Abdominoplasty

+ Belly Button Reshaping

This procedure is popular among both men and women who are unhappy about the appearance, size or position of their belly buttons. If the appearance of your belly button bothers you, wearing swimming trunks, swimsuits, short tops and low cut jeans might make you self-conscious. You might feel uncomfortable being intimate, having piercings or, if your belly button protrudes, even wearing tight clothes.

+ Liposuction

Liposuction is an elective cosmetic surgery. It reshapes the body through the removal of excess body fat. Areas for which liposuction is commonly used include: cheeks, chin, and neck upper arms, breasts or chest region, abdomen and waist, back, hips, thighs, and buttocks, inner knees, and calves and ankles. Results of the liposuction will not be seen immediately. Depending on the amount of fat removed, and the body’s ability to heal, visible results may take weeks or months to appear. Typically, swelling begins to decrease within a week of surgery. However, it may take months to fully subside. Bruising may last three or more weeks. Numbness may persist for several weeks before it begins to fade. After the swelling and bruising disappears, the true result of the procedure is seen. If postoperative weight is maintained, the results of the liposuction can be permanent.

Glance at Lipsuction

+ Buttock Lift

A buttock lift or butt lift is purely a cosmetic plastic surgery that is more concerned with improving the tone and tautness of the skin rather than adding structure or volume to the backside. A true buttock lift is an invasive surgical procedure that requires several incisions, general anesthesia and about four weeks or longer in recovery time. People commonly mistake a buttock lift with other procedures such as buttock implants and body contouring. A butt lift surgeon simply raises and tightens the skin over the buttocks. Buttock implants add volume and structure to the posterior and lower body contouring involves the use of liposuction to contour the shape of the buttocks by vacuuming out excess fatty tissue. In essence, buttock implants are used to make a rear end look bigger and rounder and liposuction is used to make a rear end look smaller. The purpose of a buttock lift is to make the rear end appear less saggy, dimpled or wrinkled.

+ Brachioplasty-Arm Lift

An arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, reduces excess skin and fat between the underarm and the elbow, reshapes your arm to result in smoother skin and contours, and results in a more toned and proportionate appearance.

+ Calf Implants

Calf Implants is a very popular procedure, which will create cosmetic fullness in the lower leg and can help those men and women who, even after extensive muscular development, can’t achieve the calf muscle toning they desire. Calf implants are best suited for lower leg sculpting, and also can correct muscle imbalance as a result of both physical and congenital defects (“skinny/chicken” legs, bowleggedness, clubfoot, disproportionate calf development)

+ Breast Enlargement

A surgical procedure that enlarges the breast through implantation of a prosthesis. This prosthesis expands the breast area to give a fuller breast (increased cup size), give a better contour, and give more cleavage.

+ Breast Reduction

Patients who undergo breast reduction surgery frequently are seeking relief from physical symptoms caused by the excessive weight of large breasts, a condition that is medically known as breast hypertrophy. Breast hypertrophy typically occurs in both breasts and happens at puberty or soon afterward. Breast reduction usually can solve these problems as well as improve the size and shape of your breasts. Following breast reduction, your breasts will be more proportional to the rest of your body, and clothes will fit you better.

The best candidates for breast reduction surgery are well-adjusted women whose oversized breasts cause health and medical problems, interfere with routine activities, disrupt sleep, or suffer related self-consciousness issues.

+ Breast Lift

Mastopexy or breast lift surgery refers to a group of elective surgical operations designed to improve the appearance of the breast.Breast lifts are performed by specialists in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

A breast lift can correct breast droop (ptosis) and raise the position of the nipple/areola. Surgeons can also reduce the size of the areola during the procedure. Breast size and your skin quality are determining factors in breast appearance following surgery. In addition to the full breast lift, there are several variations of modified or limited scar breast lifts. The recommendation on which procedure is best will depend on the amount of volume and shape of the breast together with an assessment of skin quality and tone.

+ Labia Reduction

Labiaplasty (also labioplasty) is a plastic surgery procedure for altering thelabia minora and the labia majora, the paired tissue structures bounding the vestibule of the vulva. The indications for the correction of labial hypertrophyare two-fold: the correction of defect and deformity, and the cosmeticrefinement of the vulva. While there are no formal medical definitions of labia minora hypertrophy (e.g. length, width, girth), labiaplasty alters the condition wherein a woman presents labia minora that are disproportionately greater than her labia majora; the labioplastic alteration of the proportions creates less asymmetrical labia minora that are aesthetically satisfactory to the women who undergo the procedure.

+ Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

Gynecomastia is swelling of the breast tissue in boys or men, caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. It also may be caused by medications known to cause gynecomastia.Gynecomastia may go away on its own. Gynecomastia can also be treated with medications that help balance hormone levels. In some cases, surgery to remove breast tissue also may be an option. In adolescents with no apparent cause of gynecomastia, the doctor may recommend periodic re-evaluations every three to six months to see if the condition improves on its own. Gynecomastia often goes away without treatment in less than three years. However, treatment may be necessary if gynecomastia doesn’t improve on its own, or if it causes significant pain, tenderness or embarrassment.