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Health Care Treatments with IPICK

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Healthy Holidays with IPICK

FAQ, Frequently asked questions

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+ What is Health Tourism?

Being a rising trend in the world and the country health tourism is an important type of alternative tourism.

It is the travel from the country of residence to another country for treatment purpose. The person who travels for treatment purpose is called a health tourist.
Medical tourism shouldn’t be evaluated as a more type of tourism implying the travel for treatment in hospitals. Although all types of tourisms which provide healthy living should be accepted as health tourism, it can be assessed under three main headings:

1-) Medical Tourism (Treatment, surgery and similar procedures at hospitals)

2-) Thermal Tourism ( Rehabilitation, recreation and similar services at thermal facilities)

3-) Tourism for the elderly and Disabled ( Geriatric treatment center or long term accomodations including social activities in lowlands)

Main Reasons for Health Tourism

1. Insufficiency or lack of high technology healthcare services and proffessional human resources in one’s own country.

2. Wish to take a vacation alongside treatment.

3. The high costs of healthcare services in one’s own country.

4. The wish to receive a for better quality healthcare treatment.

5. The wish to keep one’s surgery secret in his country for some reason.

6. Tourism mobility ( travel to countries with forest, uplands, historical and cultural riches) when there are limited vacation opportunities due to climate or geography, the frequent request of vacationing in countries with thermal facilities and thermal tourism opportunities.

7. The wish of chronic patients, the elderly and the disabled to travel to and be treated in different environments.

8. The wish of pepole with drug and other addictions to travel to different and more appropriate environments.

9. A person’s will to live and cling on to life.

As a result, health tourism is multifaceted and bears within itself many reasons. Mainly being the type of tourism for regaining one’s health in another country with better opportunities, it is a rapidly rising sector.

      • Turkey is one of the world’s leading countries for in vitro fertilization treatment
      • Turkey is the second country in the world for JCI accreditation with 44 hospitals.
      • Many surgeries such as heart and prostate in Turkey are done with the most advanced robotic surgical methods.
      • Turkey is between Asia and Europe so transportation is very easy and economical
      • There are many opportunities for historial and cultural enrichment during your healing.
      • Turkey has 196 thermal tourism facilities across 46 cities.
      • The world’s first hair transplantation hospital was established in Turkey.
      • Turkey is one of the leading countries for Oncology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Organ Transplant, IVF Treatment, Pediatric Surgery, Ophthalmology, Oral and Dental Health, Hair Transplant, Aesthetic Practices in branches.

Turkey is a destination where you will feel at home while experiencing world famous Turkish hospitality. Bordering eight different countries from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Turkey has a unique and strategic geographical location forming a bridge between the continents. For thousands of years it has been the cradle to more civilizations than any other country in the world. You will be able to combine your medical trip for top quality, affordable health care with a variety of short vacation and tourism opportunities in a culturally and historically rich environment to make it a more relaxing experience. Turkey is ready to be an important player and partner in this rapidly growing industry.

With its top quality medical, spa, wellness, and thermal facilities and five-star hotel accommodations in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and other major cities, Turkey has already been attracting patients from Europe and other countries such as England, Holland, Ukraine, Romania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Russia and Bahrain. Over the last decade or so, the Turkish health industry has been undergoing substantial economic and infrastructure developments and improvements, and Turkey is now ready to play the leading role in the global healthcare industry with its high quality infrastructure. Turkey’s JCI accredited medical facilities are affiliated with top tier US providers such as Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins Medicine, etc. They are equipped with the latest technology and hardware and US trained, Board certified, highly qualified and experienced doctors and well trained medical personnel. There are no waiting periods for treatment.

Safety and quality are the most important concerns for medical travelers, and accreditation gives consumers confidence with respect to comparable quality of care they receive abroad. Almost all Turkish hospitals have the ISO 2001 quality management certification, and currently 44 of these facilities are JCI accredited while others are in the process of accreditation. This is the largest number of Joint Commission International accreditation any country has achieved so far.

To learn more about Turkish healthcare industry in general you may also visit supported by the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK) Healthcare Committee or supported by the Ministry of Health of Republic of Turkey

+ Why would anyone use IPICK?

IPICK has a great track record of facilitating world class treatments at affordable costs in Turkey. We consistently provide quality services through our partner, who deliver world-class treatments and meet the requirements of our customers. At an affordable price We organize different parts of planning – viz. making travel arrangements, fixing treatment schedule, and holiday planning.

+ Is medical tourism safe?

This is the first question that occurs to may people considering a health tour. We understand any concerns you may have, for this reason I PICK Health Care Tourism works with expert doctors and hospitals with accreditation certificates.

+ How can I be sure that the hospitals are safe and hygiene?

Our doctors and hospitals have top quality and have health certification and accreditation from international organisations such as the JCI(Joint Commissions İnternational ), the JACHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations ), and the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). At IPICK Health Care, all surgical procedures we provide are performed by “specialist” surgeons who have many years of experience in treating international and local patients. IPICK partner clinics are certified by professional health bodies and approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health for quality and hygiene standards.

+ What will be the savings on a treatment?

As you can normally expect, the cost of treatment varies according to the type and complexity of the procedure. In any case, we assure you significant savings on your health care expenses, while not compromising on the quality of treatment you get. Contact us for a quote and see for yourself the savings you can make on any kind of medical/cosmetic procedure also the cost is advertised under each procedure with a comparison of UK and USA rates.

+ Do you give medical opinions and advice on treatments?

We do not provide medical advice. It is our policy not to advise our customers on medical treatments. However, we can arrange for expert medical advice in case you need it. We make this available through our partners. Provide accurate and complete information regarding your health condition and our partners abroad can identify your conditions and suggest an appropriate course of treatment or clinical procedure.

+ Does my insurance cover a medical treatment abroad?

Medical tourism has emerged as a very affordable alternative to having surgery.No matter which medical procedure you need or want to have done, the cost is always an issue.

If you want to take medical treatment from a foreign country you should ask the terms of your insurance. Because even if you have health insurance in your country, the insurance company may not provide any international coverage.In this case you can afford to pay for your own medical procedure overseas. It’s worth checking with your health insurance company to see if they offer any coverage.

+ What about process?

We are a medical tourism company helping patients from all over the world to obtain affordable world class health care. At IPICK , you can save substantial amounts of money compared to private health care service while enjoyinga holiday in Turkey.

When it comes to health care we save you time, money and provide you with the best health care possible. Our doctors are some of the best in the world with international experience.

Each patient is monitored and audited by a panel of senior medical administrators.

    • Fill out a free quote on our web site (please send us your medical history report such as physician report, panoramic X-ray etc)
    • You will receive an estimate quote with in 24 hours from I PICK
    • We will assign a case manager once you happy with our estimate
    • We will plan your travel arragements upon request
    • We will send you a mail about your hospital and physician’s details
    • If you decide to get our health service, pre-payment will be requested
    • We send you a “Treatment and Travel Contract” are written and signed by us after all details are defined.
    • If you have decided to buy accomodation and flight tickets from us, we will send vouchers for these services.
    • We will assign a hospital representative when you arrive in Turkey who speaks your native language
    • Transfer car will take you directly to your hotel
    • A physician examination and pre-procedure investigations will be conducted.
    • Depending on your treatment and healing status, we can offer you various city tours.
    • Medical procedure and Recuperation stay.
    • + Will I be able to go sight-seeing?

      If you are having procedures like cardiac bypass, this may not be possible. For other procedures like cosmetic treatments or dental procedures, you can often go sight seeing with the permission of your doctor. If your doctor permits, we can schedule some sightseeing trips and its our pleasure to organise it. Most of our holiday packages vary according to different season, please see what is available on the “We Offer” or “Thermal & Spa& packages” page

+ Can I make my own travel arrangements?

We may organise travel arrangements for all our customers. However, if you want to make it by yourself you are free to do it. However, it is your responsibility to make sure your travel schedule fits into your treatment schedule.Please don’t forget to send us your flight details and copy of your flight ticket.

+ Can I take someone with me?

Yes. You are free to take someone with you. However, inform us about the person accompanying you, so that we can make necessary arrangements for travel and accommodation. We can also make the necessary arrangements for stress-free travel.

+ Do the service providers speak English?

The partner hospitals have English speaking staff, who speaks fluent English.In the mean time we have experienced staff who speaks Turkish, English, Arabic, Farsi, German or Dutch in Turkey,Europe, USA and Middle East.

+ What about special requirements?

We may organise every special requirement as best as we can.

+ What about after-care?

“After-care” programs will be suggested by your physician. Depending on the type of treatments and procedures you have undergone, the after-care programs would vary. You can contact us with your doubts up to six months after you have undergone the treatments.

+ I couldn’t get an answer about my question here?

Please contact us, it will be our pleasure to help you.