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Home Care Services

Each illness requires different treatment and medications. Every patient faces different problems during their treatment process. We can coordinate home care with our professional medical staff and even offer home care assistance.

Our service provides:

– All necessary health information is determined by home care specialists (doctor or nurse) who can visit the patient at a hospital or at home.

– The patient’s home environment will be evaluated to determine if the procedure will be able to be accomplished at home or at a hospital.

– Our specialists will communicate with the patient and relay info to the medical to the proper medical personnel.

– All information will be evaluated by our team of experts and a Customized Service Plan will be created.

– Medical equipment and required supplies will be supplied in a “Customized Service Plan”

–  Services to our clients are continuously supervised.

– Services can be altered during the process according to patient’s desire.

Main Services;
* Home Care Doctor
* Home Care Nurse
* Home Intensive Care
* Home Care Support Personnel
* Home Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
* Home Dietitian