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Health Tourism

Being a rising trend in the world and the country health tourism is an important type of alternative tourism.

It is the travel from the country of residence to another country for treatment purpose. The person who travels for treatment purpose is called a health tourist.
Medical tourism shouldn’t be evaluated as a more type of tourism implying the travel for treatment in hospitals. Although all types of tourisms which provide healthy living should be accepted as health tourism, it can be assessed under three main headings:

1-) Medical Tourism (Treatment, surgery and similar procedures at hospitals)

2-) Thermal Tourism ( Rehabilitation, recreation and similar services at thermal facilities)

3-) Tourism for the elderly and Disabled ( Geriatric treatment center or long term accomodations including social activities in lowlands)

Main Reasons for Health Tourism

1. Insufficiency or lack of high technology healthcare services and proffessional human resources in one’s own country.

2. Wish to take a vacation alongside treatment.

3. The high costs of healthcare services in one’s own country.

4. The wish to receive a for better quality healthcare treatment.

5. The wish to keep one’s surgery secret in his country for some reason.

6. Tourism mobility ( travel to countries with forest, uplands, historical and cultural riches) when there are limited vacation opportunities due to climate or geography, the frequent request of vacationing in countries with thermal facilities and thermal tourism opportunities.

7. The wish of chronic patients, the elderly and the disabled to travel to and be treated in different environments.

8. The wish of pepole with drug and other addictions to travel to different and more appropriate environments.

9. A person’s will to live and cling on to life.

As a result, health tourism is multifaceted and bears within itself many reasons. Mainly being the type of tourism for regaining one’s health in another country with better opportunities, it is a rapidly rising sector.