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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to I PICK Health Care  – the medical tourism initiative that provides you high quality medical attention abroad at reasonable costs. We are ready to be your partner  from the first consultation with your physician, on the trip to the destination and on your return home after you are well.

About us:

We don’t provide healthcare services. We act as a third party facilitator and connect you to healthcare providers in Turkey. Our partners are located in different cities in Turkey from where you can get quality, affordable healthcare services. We encourage you to get a good understanding of the procedures. We also encourage you to seek clarification over whatever confusions you may have. We arrange for surgical procedures of all kinds. We want you to be fully aware of every aspect of undergoing a clinical procedure. Surgeries of all kinds come with some levels of risks.

Since we are only a third party facilitator, we cannot be held responsible for any liabilities arising from the use of services from our partners.

We will provide reasonable support to anyone who needs to return for remedial care. In case there is a dispute between you and your surgeon, it will normally be carried out in the country, in which you have undergone the procedure. You can also take the dispute to a court in a different country, if both parties have agreed upon.

I PICK accepts no liability for loss or injury of any kind including death or injury caused by the negligence of the surgeons, hospital/clinic or its staff.

We collect personal information from our customers. This is necessary to coordinate and facilitate the services we offer. Patient information sent reports to be shared only with the hospital and will be kept hidden I PICK Health Care  file this information in any way will not be shared with any third party.

We also take care to ensure the providers are bound to privacy and confidentiality obligations.


I PICK cannot accept responsibility for you missing aircraft due to late arrival of connecting aircraft or for late check-in at the airport. You are responsible for the provision of all necessary valid documents, including passports and visas.

Our quotes are  including consultations and costs of medical treatments , exclude travel cost. Travel cost will be quote separately upon request.

Quotes for any other service are provided as per the agreements. The validity of our quotes are a period of 30 days.

I PICK  is not responsible additional health services during the treatment of patient. However, cost of treatment to be added the patient’s knowledge and its approval.

Payment Terms

The flight amount should be paid in your country. We recommend that you make reservations through our side. If you make your reservation through another web site or your local travel agent you have to send us your reservation confirmation copy.

The total amount, flight excluded, should be paid to us by the end of the pre-surgery consultation, after your agreement to undergo surgery and before your intervention.

Upon an agreement being made for a booking, an Initial Deposit is required before your departure. If you do not pay this in full before departure, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, and cancellation charges may apply. The balance of the Treatment Package cost is payable at the clinic/hospital prior to the treatment. Initial deposit will be %10 of total Treatment Package cost which will be paid.

We can be arranged video conference from your hospital doctor according to your request after initial payment completed.

Our Bank Details are ;


Permitted Disclosure

Legal Advisers, Courts, Accountants, Tracing Agents. Producing a written court order.

Keeping accurate Information

I PICK tries to make sure the personal information we collect, use and disclose is complete and accurate. The accuracy of the information depends on your providing the complete and accurate information. We also encourage you to advise us of any omissions or errors in the details you have submitted. Inform us if there is any change in address, contact numbers, or medical conditions.

We contact you by fax, email or telephone about the medical treatments planned, medical information, and travel details. We take maximum care to ensure your personal information remains confidential.

We also collect details of website use by visitors to the site. This includes time of visit, amount of time, pages visited, links clicked, etc. We will not use or share personally identifiable information collected this way. We use usage statistics to enhance our web pages, so that we can change the design and/or contents of the pages. Personally identifiable information like name, email, etc will not be collected without the knowledge of the users. Users can enter personal details like name, contact information, and details of health condition to avail our services.

We provide advice regarding health, medical/surgical procedures, etc. We try to provide accurate information/tips/advice. However, we strongly encourage you to discuss your conditions with your physician before starting any treatments or clinical procedures.

Links & Privacy Policy of Other Sites

This website may link to web pages of other websites. Such links are provided for information purposes only. Such websites have different privacy policies, over which we have no control. Read and understand the privacy policy of any such websites before providing any personal information like name or email address.

Use of Sensitive Information

I PICK  may collect personal information that is ‘sensitive information’, and may relate to health or medical details – such as medical reports.

Such information is necessary for the delivery of the services as advertised in this website. Such information will be disclosed only for the explicit purpose for which you have provided such information. It will be forwarded only to the party or parties as required for the fulfilment of any services requested. Whenever sensitive medical information is passed to third parties, it will be according to the explicit requirements of the services requested.

You must treat any medical tips or advice provided by I PICK as informational/educational material only. The information you get through email doesn’t supplement or replace medical consultation. Our system do not claim to have the independent judgement of a physician, as to the best course of treatments required by any patient. We provide the best information that will help you with making timely and accurate health care decisions.


We have satisfied customers who would vouch for our services. They have used our services in the past and are happy with the experience. However, we claim no responsibility to the outcome of any medical or surgical procedures. There are certain levels of risks involved in almost any kind of medical procedures and can’t accept any responsibility for such procedures provided by our partners. We act as third party facilitators, connecting our customers to the service partners. We also make arrangements for travel and logistics. No information provided in the website can be treated as part of an agreement or contract. The information provided is for educational purposes only. It is important that you consult your physician regarding your health conditions.


We address all customer complaints with utmost care and urgency. In case you have a complaint regarding clinical procedures, treatments or other conditions, you can forward it to our medical officer at